Cashflow Forecasting by EOG Accounting


    Let us give you the information to help make informed decisions…


    Why choose EOG for Cashflow Forecasting?

    • Using Intelligent Cashflow Software– we can assist you to forecast, scenario plan, get funding and chase debtors – all in one place.
    • We will meet up, advise on the forecast and discuss your plans going forward, advising using our years of business analysis experience.



    What is Cashflow Forecasting?

    We’ll create, manage and update a rolling 12-month 3-way forecast of profit & loss, cash flow, and the balance sheet so you always know what the future financial performance and position of the business looks like, based on what we already know today (committed sales and costs). This is about bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it.


    When would I need Cashflow Forecasting?

    Producing a Cashflow Forecast on a regular basis can be useful for businesses that are growing quickly, or for larger businesses that want to ensure they always have sufficient cash available.

    However, conducting periodic, or one-off forecasts can help plan for projects, or large one-off costs.

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