We’re the accountants for business owners that dream big!

We thrive on working with ambitious people because as business owners ourselves, we are extremely ambitious and we understand what it takes to achieve your business goals and realise your dreams.

We know what it feels like to wear all the hats and the relief when you finally start offloading them.

We’re here to wear one of those hats for you. We will help you systemise your accounts function so you can get on with what you do best… running your business.


Read on to find out how your “hat” will be in safe hands with EOG Accounting.

Have a plan

Where do you want to get to? How much of your business’s potential is going to be realised?

You’ll need a plan of the direction in which you will be guiding your business over the long term, supported by short-term interim goals. This involves understanding the problem you want to solve, and how in doing so, you will fulfill your own needs.

We’ll ask you about your plan during the proposal meeting so that we can help you track and evaluate your progress. We’ll help you refine your business in line with your plan, to make your goals a reality.


Implementing set processes will allow you to retain control over how all parts of your work and your delegated tasks are carried out.

EOG uses processes for many aspects of our delivery to ensure consistency in our work, and so that you can be assured that your finance function is in safe hands.

Track your progress

After you have developed your plan, set your goals, and created a budget, tracking your progress in achieving the desired outcomes is key to ensure everything is on track.

Checking your business’ performance against a budget on a regular basis allows for adjustments to be made or different approaches to be adopted when necessary.

Being held accountable

We hold you accountable by reporting back to you regularly reflecting on your results and holding you accountable for your business’s performance. In our business, we practice thinking above the line and we expect you to hold this value too. Having this mindset accelerates growth and allows you to break down the invisible walls.

Offload the hats!

As a growing business owner, you will have had to wear many hats!

We know when EOG started Rhys (the founder) was the Receptionist, Bookkeeper, Payroll Department, and Accountant however as we’ve grown, luckily for him he has offloaded many of these responsibilities to people who are experts in these fields.

Growing your business will require you as the business owner to offload your hats. A clever approach and effort will be required to offload the Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Legal and Finance hats so that you can grow your business at the pace you want in a sustainable manner.

At EOG we have developed a Complete Finance Function that allows you to offload your finance hat giving you more time to work on your business as appose to in your business. You can rest assured knowing that the bookkeeping, payroll, tax and accountancy is being taken care of and that you have accurate financial figures to hand when you need them, allowing you to make quick, well-informed business decisions.

Customer satisfaction is key to our success…

Donna –  Meithrinfa Hen Ysgol Day Nursery

“As my business has grown over the last three years, and I now employ 18 staff members, EOG Accounting have saved me time and money by moving forward to a new digital system.
Rhys always takes the time to thoroughly explain things clearly and is always ready to answer any questions.
I could not recommend Rhys enough to any growing business”

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