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    There’s never been a more exciting time to be in hospitality, but also, as business owners, we’ve never had so many choices to make.

    We’ve done our research on software, and we chose Xero!

    One of the biggest questions to answer is which bookkeeping software should I use for my hospitality business?

    Choosing the right bookkeeping software can save you time, improve your customer’s experience, improve your cash flow and provide you with relevant and accurate information to make well-informed business decisions. Choosing the wrong bookkeeping software can result in hours of wasted time, inaccurate data and frustration.

    What software companies will tell you

    “We’re the best”… “No, we’re the best.”

    “Just take a picture.”

    “It’s just one click.”

    What the software companies don’t tell you

    There isn’t one software package that suits all businesses and regardless of what software you choose, garbage in = garbage out!

    Different software packages suit different businesses and different business sizes, each software company will have several different plans and despite bookkeeping technology constantly improving, unfortunately at this moment in time for businesses any bigger than one man/woman teams bookkeeping isn’t just one click.

    What have we done?

    We’ve done the hard work for you! We have scoured the marketplace for the best software to suit our hospitality customers’ needs. After extensive research and trial and error, we believe that Xero is currently the best on the market.

    We’re so confident in the Xero software; it’s the only accountancy software we offer to our customers – Xero is a scaleable cloud-based software that gives you the insights to plan for the future of your business. You get a clear view of your income and expenditure, allowing you to manage your business finances from anywhere, any time.

    With Xero, we’re with you every step of the way to offer you advice and share our knowledge to help you reach your business goals. We see exactly what you see.

    Real-time updates mean no more waiting to learn the health of your finances. View and share interactive reports and budgets, all in one place on a customisable dashboard. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time on your business.

    Our Top Tips!

    Save time on your XERO bookkeeping with our top tips. Watch till the end to see the outtakes!
    A diagram showing Xero integrates with multiple 3rd party software's to complete the finance function.

    The Xero Experts

    Choosing the right plan

    Only using Xero means that we know the system inside out. We know which plan will be right for you and have access to plans that you won’t see advertised on Xero’s website, ensuring you don’t waste money on unnecessary software.

    Setting up Xero

    We know how best to set up Xero so that you are up and running in no time. We will take the stress out of your Xero setup. We will get all your opening balances correct on the system, get your bank feed streaming, design a specific Chart of Accounts, look at setting tracking categories and can migrate data from other accounting software.

    Xero Training

    The EOG XERO training packages are broken down into the following 3 phases:

    Phase 1: E-learning – consisting of drip-fed learning videos via email so that you learn over time and aren’t overwhelmed by the system.

    Phase 2: Q&A – Your chance to ask all the questions and for us to deliver the answers with some helpful tips to help you along the way!

    Phase 3: Ongoing Xero Support – We are here for you for the next 12 months with free ongoing support and we will drop you regular reminders to keep you on top of your business with our EOG Business Health Checklist!

    App Integration

    At EOG we have the tools at our fingertips that can make running your business childsplay.

    The beauty of using Xero is that it has an open API. Meaning that if there is an area of a finance function where someone thinks Xero doesn’t quite cover they can develop an app that integrates with Xero plugging that gap. This means that possibilities are endless! CRM, Inventory, Point of Sales, Xero have it covered and it appears that everyone wants to work alongside Xero.

    You can check out the Xero App Marketplace here.

    The trick is choosing the right apps for the right jobs!

    We have worked alongside Xero for many years now and know which apps work well in which scenario. We have built out our own core app stack as you can see here how each app works seamlessly alongside the other.

    We are always learning though and our core app stack will develop as the technology evolves.

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