Annual Tax Planning Review by EOG Accounting


    Let us help you make valuable Tax Savings…


    Why choose EOG for your Tax Planning Review?

    • We’ll ensure your review occurs with ample time to act on our advice
    • Your advice will be provided based on current information when paired with regular bookkeeping



    What is Tax Planning?

    A lot of accountants will wait until after the end of the year to advise on tax. This is too late! We implement our Pre-Year End Tax Planning Review 3 months before your year-end so we can start making a real impact and minimise the tax that you have to pay.


    When would I need a Tax Planning Review?

    There is no specific time at which Tax Planning is required, but there will come a point along your business journey where potential tax savings can be made. Your business will be trading profitably, as we’ll ultimately be working to minimise the tax paid on your profits.

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