Rhys Edwards has become a Business Wales Mentor!


    We are proud to announce that Rhys Edwards, the founder of Edwards of Gwynedd is a fully-fledged Business Mentor for Business Wales.

    Business Wales is an amazing resource that is available to all business owners throughout Wales.

    They are there to assist you in several forms; from beneficial free courses, providing Business Mentor support to assistance when applying for funding.

    Alongside running Edwards of Gwynedd Rhys’ additional role as a Business Mentor will require him to offer  business support and guidance to local businesses as and when they need it.

    This is a completely voluntary role and one which Rhys is thoroughly enjoying! He particularly enjoys meeting with various business owners, listening to their challenges and overcoming them together!

    We suggest to all our clients, where relevant, to use the Business Wales Services.

    We have ourselves been on several of the free courses and found the speakers and service second to none, extremely informative and a great way to network with likeminded people.

    Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business, have already taken the first few steps or want to grow your current business, they are there to help.

    Log on today and take a look, it’s free!


    This information is subject to change and is not professional advice. Refer to our disclaimer for more details.  

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