A quick Q&A with Andrew!


    This week we have had Andrew from Coleg Meirion Dwyfor at the office on a week’s work experience.

    It has been a great week giving Andrew a taste of what to expect from a career in accountancy and also showing him how we supply the different types of services that we offer here at Edwards of Gwynedd.

    After his first week in the office, we had a quick Q & A with Andrew and here’s what he had to say!

    Q & A

    What is it you’re studying?

    AS Levels in Maths, Physics and Computing

    What is your favourite subject?

    Maths, I really enjoy problem solving and working with numbers!

    What is it about accountancy that you are interested in?

    I suppose working with numbers and after this week it has been really interesting having an insight into people’s businesses and seeing how they work. I didn’t quite realise how much work business owners have to do behind the scenes with record keeping and invoicing

    What is the one thing that you have taken from your week working with us at Edwards of Gwynedd?

    That there is a lot more to providing general accountancy services than meets the eye. Everything is counted to the penny which I didn’t realise!

    Is accountancy something that you think you will pursue?

    I definitely want to work within the finance sector and I suppose you can apply the ACCA qualification that you have to lots of different jobs in lots of different sectors, so it looks like a great qualification to have

    What do you plan to do after college?

    Definitely go to university, maybe Manchester or Edinburgh to do something finance or accounting related

    What do you like to do in your spare time?

    I enjoy exercising and go regularly to a local gym called Yard 6. I work in the Castle Pub in Criccieth but when I get a chance I like to go swimming with friends and also enjoy fishing


    Which football team do you support?


    It has been a good week, Andrew has picked up some key basic accounting concepts really quickly. We hope to see Andrew back in the office at some point soon to gain some further experience (we will just have to overlook the fact that Andrew supports Liverpool!).

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